7 Wedding Preparations Engaged Couples Should Do Before Buying a House and Lot for Sale in Metro Manila

Being the proactive spouse that you are, you’ve probably planned on where you and your partner would eventually settle. You have imagined that gorgeous house in the Metro while being surrounded by thriving metropolitan hubs.

Before you get overwhelmed with this next chapter, focus first on the most important day in your lives as soon-to-be husband & wife: your wedding.

Wedding planning might be one of the most stressful preparations in you and your future hubby’s life but with the just the right attitude and tips, you can breeze through this phase.

Look for inspiration

You have to spend countless days or even weeks to find the most amazing ideas for your wedding. The first thing you have to do is to browse through stacks of magazines and watch a lot of save-the-date wedding videos. You’ll be surprised at how diverse and innovative couples can be.

Working out your budget

Working out on a budget helps you manage your finances wisely. Weddings cost a whopping amount of money and it’s essential to determine how much you’ll spend on every detail―from invitations to wedding gowns and tuxedos! Set a fixed amount of money to expend and be sure to stick to it. From here, you can now break it apart for expenses like venue, food, flowers and photographers among many others.

Hire a Planner

First off, wedding planners have connections that can score you discounts. Second, they will save you tons of precious time and energy. Third, they keep everything according to your vision from pre-wedding up until the day itself. Yes, they can be quite expensive but given these perks, the price will be well worth your money.

Ask for others’ opinion

Though you have a wedding planner to do most of the work for you, it’s still vital to ask for another person’s opinion especially when it comes to gowns and tuxes! After a while, they will all start to look the same and you wouldn’t even recognize which suits you best. Seek someone who’s honest so you can easily weed out the bad options.

Dont Rush

Just wait for a couple of weeks before venturing out into the process. Never ever act out of impulse. You’re supposed to have months of preparations ahead of you so there’s no need to rush. Milestones like buying a house and lot for sale in Metro Manila and planning a wedding might not be a good combination for your finances. Pay for your wedding first then secure your home a little ways down the road.

Learn How to Compromise

There are certain things that you and your partner will eventually disagree on. Food, music, wedding cakes and the guest list are the most common subjects that could spark up an argument. This is where the art of compromise enters. One simple example is deciding on the flavor of the cake. You like a white chocolate raspberry cake while your partner likes coconut and lime. How do we resolve this problem? Agree on a two-layered cake instead.

Take a break

Just like any other task, it’s necessary to take a break from this as well. You deserve a picture-perfect wedding but don’t let the stress drive the both of you over the edge. Head over to the spa. Rent bikes. Make your favorite dishes together. Visit museums and art galleries. Now you’ll be relaxed as you head onto wedding planning again.

There may be some bumps and bruises along the way but worry not, as long as both of you are dead set on getting married, all of these will just seem as minor obstacles.

If you have all of these figured out and the both of you have secured money matters, then maybe it’s time to set out on purchasing that house and lot for sale in Metro Manila.

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