5 Things Every Newlywed Must Know When Purchasing a House and Lot For Sale in Santo Tomas, Batangas

Santo Tomas Batangas close proximity to Manila is ideal for you if you like living in a place where accessibility to the city is within reach while still within the comfort of the cool breeze of a province.

Another aspect that makes it perfect for newlyweds is its growing economy.

After reaching a milestone with your loved one, you and your spouse are now faced with a dilemma: “how and when will you buy your own home?”. Buying a nest is a big step, and it requires financial and mental preparations. There are things that you and your partner should keep in mind.


1. Be fully aware of your financial state

Forward planning is important and every couple must research before purchasing a house and lot for sale in Santo Tomas, Batangas. It’s important to figure out what you can afford. There’s nothing wrong with considering housing loans just make sure that you and your partner can back them up in the long run. Assess your finances first before setting out on a house-hunting adventure.


2. Prioritize

According to Century 21, when scouting for a new home, it’s important to identify your needs and wants so that you can narrow your focus and make best use of your time to tour around properties. To help you and your partner pinpoint the difference, here’s a checklist to aid you in deciding.


3. Research

Santo Tomas is a well-developed part of Batangas but it’s still important to know the place’s every nook and cranny. Are there schools near your chosen vicinity? How about hospitals? These are main establishments that newlyweds should research. Also, make sure that the neighborhood will be able to meet your safety needs.

When it comes to environment, everyone can attest to the fresh air of Batangas so you have that in order. Studying the condition of the real estate market can also help you in determining your finances.


4. Seek Professional Help

To further understand what the both of you are signing up for, it’s important to seek help from real estate professionals. The home buying process is a tough and confusing phase that you and your partner have to go through. A professional will assist you in your finances, site tours and research. You can also save time and effort with a professional by your side.


5. Agree to disagree

Before making any final decision, make sure that you and your spouse are on the same page. This is a big investment. If there are areas where you don’t agree on, learn how to compromise. Do not get worked up. Purchasing your first home should be fun for both of you.

Jumping into the world of homeownership with your significant other is an exciting and bumpy ride. Before buying your house and lot for sale in Santo, Tomas Batangas, make sure that you both have your ducks in a row. Hopefully your bond will be stronger by the time you turn the key to your new home.

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